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What happens when a designer and an architect meet for a couple of beers after work?

In collaboration with the architect Matteo Pittau, we designed this bookshelf called B(e)ND. This idea came from the necessity to maximize space in our small London apartments. This piece of furniture is designed to be beautiful, cheap, and functional.

The bookshelf is a sturdy metal structure that has five shelves arranged horizontally, each wide enough to hold a row of books. What sets this bookshelf apart from others is the fact that it also contains two chairs and a table within its frame. The chairs are simple and sturdy, made of the same type of wood as the bookshelf, with slatted backs and seats. The table is small and square, just big enough to hold a cup of tea or a book.

It's clear that the designers of this bookshelf had more than just storage in mind. The addition of the chairs and table creates a cozy little reading nook, inviting anyone passing by to stop and take a seat.

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