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EM comunicazione logo_black_1. logo copy
EM comunicazione brand guideline.png
EM comunicazione brand guideline4.png
EM comunicazione brand guideline5.png
EM comunicazione brand guideline3.png
EM comunicazione brand guideline6.png

the client is a freelance copywriter and communication expert. She asked for a very recognisable and personable logo.

I worked on her features to make the icon and handwritten the top wordmark mimicking her writing. 

these prominent lips are not just a characteristic of the client but a visual indicator, in a fresh and fun way that the business is about communication. 

her target is young and varied, mostly social media-based. 

after the logo, the client asked for a social media package to create a visual identity for her Instagram profile.

I then created using the logo palette and visual elements templates for her IG stories and feed, covers for the highlight tab and a pattern that she could use as background.    

Iphone Mockup EM_comunicazione.png
EM comunicazione pack_2. pattern.jpg
EM comunicazione pack-07.jpg
EM comunicazione pack_4. IG story 1.jpg
EM comunicazione pack_3. post.jpg
EM comunicazione logo_5. IG story 2.jpg
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