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Parole di Storie is a website for children's storytelling. theater performers read tales and fables that kids can download and listen to.

This is the visual identity project I did for them. 

Working with typography is a real joy for me. Oh, do I love typography.

Who says that Comic Sans* is a horrible font?

I will get a tat in Comic Sans saying Helvetica, one day. 

There are no ugly fonts in my opinion just misuse of them.

* no this is not comic sans... haters, it's just my handwriting

this was a peculiar brief. the client wanted a real narrative in this project.

after pitching few ideas we decided to go for a logo and 9 sub-logos


the name means "words from stories".

the logo consists of a page and the name.

in the sub-logos, I used different fonts to make characters that could be used in the website as buttons. I assigned each character's colors and they each steal the "e" from the logo. in Italian you can cut the last vocal of a noun and it something that is widely used in fables and tales.

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