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queer art brunch club

a project that is very dear to me as I am one of the founders of this non-profit.

it wasn't easy t make the visual identity for a group of artists for artists.

there are two logos that are used officially and a vast declination of secondaries. this is an important part of the concept of the QABC. formed by lots of different identities and backgrounds we wanted a brand that was representative of this.

the fonts that we use for our communication website and social media posts are Arial and Verdana as many creatives are dyslexic (did I spell that right?) and these fonts are the easiest to read 


3 August 2019 QABC - Photo Colage.jpg

the first brunch in Amsterdam. 

"queer feast" is the zine collecting an introduction to the artists that first joined the club  

zine_queer feast_1.2.jpg


QABC_hot pink bc_black.png
QABC_hot pink bc_white.png

three queer artists: Gianluca Floris from Italy, Severus Heyn from Germany, Ivan Natas from the Netherlands.

We came into contact via our art on Instagram and after years and years of online friendship, we met spontaneously at various locations in Europe.

Our shared queer experiences and struggles enabled us to establish closer connections with each other and to grow both professionally and personally. We fantasized about how it would be if we could get all of the artists that inspire us on a daily basis on Instagram together in one meeting. or even better a brunch, we are queer after all.

We believe that other creative minds from the LGBTIQ + family can also benefit from this informal, creative and open format. So the idea for Q-ABC was born, a non-profit, queer artist network.


QABC_light blue bc.png
QABC_brown bc.png
QABC_blue bc.png
QABC_green bc.png
QABC_light pink bc.png
QABC_orange bc.png
QABC_red bc.png
QABC_purple bc.png
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