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zine_queer feast_1.2.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.22.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.23.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.230.jpg

queer feast

"Queer feast" is a zine I design for the QABC. this first number was done in blue, white, and pink in honor of the trans artists who participated to the first event of the non-profit.

zine_queer feast_1.253.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.222.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.244.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.223.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.245.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.254.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.259.jpg
zine_queer feast_1.235.jpg
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