Tarot Rama is a queer erotic tarot deck for the modern thirsty witch.

Do you like gazing at handsome men identifying and non-binary babes when you burn your sage and peer into the void beyond? Tarot Rama is for you!

This project is about queer sex and body positivity. I wanted to make a beautiful object that represented bodies often excluded in the media.

while the body of different femme-identifying people have a small output. it's not the same for male-identifying people. 

so here an army of fatties and BIPOC, showing up boobs and gorgeous round bodies, soft bellies, a lot of hair, different dick sizes, fetishes, not heteronormative lifestyles, and vaginas.

I designed every single aspect of this project from concept to production 

tarot Rama took, in total, almost two years to complete.it has been a passion project I worked on the side of freelancing. it has told me most of all the meaning of dedication and commitment 

body positivity and queerness were the focus of this deck. finding models I wanted to represent wasn't easy and I had to say no to many white cis muscular men. it was lol  

I believe that colors are my superpower. I spent lots of time working on it. fun fact: the back of the cards is baker-miller pink which has been observed to reduce hostile, violent or aggressive behavior

I produced this product and launched it in July 2020. I struggled to find a printer who didn't have problems with the content of the deck and could provide the standard o quality I needed.

Now it's selling all over the world and I receive daily messages about how much people are enjoying it. it truly makes my little queer heart sing.